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Wellness and Rehab

Physical Performance


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Work up a sweat with our fitness classes. Get lasting results with our small group training options. Excel through the one-on-one motivation and accountability of a personal trainer. And that’s just the beginning…

Experience unsurpassed variety in fitness, programs and motivation to keep you in the exercise habit for a lifetime of health and well being.

Here's the programs we offer:

  • Mobility 
  • Next Step
  • Physical Therapy/Rehab Services
  • Healthy Habits for Kids (Pediatric Weight Loss)

Next Step

The Next Step program is an individualized program designed to specifically address whatever needs the client may have. This is the perfect program for someone just discharged from therapy or for someone that has unique goals that may be best addressed in a small group setting. Call today to find out more.                               

Physical Therapy/Rehab Services

Are you in pain and need physical therapy? Wil-Power Wellness offers all ages innovative fitness options that provide a comprehensive health experience.

While the Wil-Power Foundation does not directly provide physical therapy, we fund our partner company who does. Please select the link below to be directed to their Facebook page.

Wil-Power Therapy Associates, LLC | wilpowertherapy@gmail.com

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