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Heads Above Water

Heads Above Water is a special workshop provided for young adults in their Senior year of high school to discuss stress management, nutrition, budgeting and support systems as they leave home for the first time.

We are currently in need of donations to keep this learning experiencFREE to these seniors and to buy learning materials for the class which will be provided to the students. In order to currently operate this class, we must borrow projectors as well as other learning tools. Any donations above and beyond what is needed to keep this class free will be put towards the purchase of these items.



Our workshops vary and are offered frequently throughout the year. For upcoming events, check out our Facebook page or Instagram Account.

Injury Prevention

We love working with athletes! We offer workshops to sports teams in the off-season, during season & especially pre-season to help educate coaches & young athletes about how to prevent injury that is sports specific. Call us today for more info!