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About Us

The Wil-Power Foundation was formed in 2016 after the passing of William Mintner, a beloved son and brother. William’s death was a tragic event that took place while he was a freshman in college and changed the lives of many who knew him.

William’s death was alcohol related and completely preventable. There are instances in life where a person feels left out, not good enough, fear, rejection, and the incredible need to fit in.

Wil-Power Foundation understands these facts, all too well and we want to make a difference. We firmly believe that education, exercise and positive experiences, can encourage a person’s individuality. Confidence…Self Esteem…Friendship…Mental and Physical Differences… can all de developed, accepted and appreciated through empowerment.

This is the reason we have embarked on a mission to have encounters with people both young and not so young in the physical realm. Both our Wellness, Rehab and Physical Performance Programs are designed to create scenarios where everyone can participate and belong. You might also get really fit!

Our Mission

The Wil-Power Foundation exists to inspire and equip people of all ages through physical, social, and cognitive means in order to assist them in achievement of their highest potential in sport and in life.

Our Vision

We envision promoting healthy communities through education, revitalization, wellness and character building.

Our Key Principles

The Wil-Power Foundation is a foundation made up of compassionate, loyal, and knowledgeable professionals that have invested time in their personal growth and integrity.

All recipients of services through the Wil-Power Foundation will be positively influenced with the use of values, self-esteem building, and decision making skills.

The foundation focuses on helping young people develop the skills, assets, and attributes needed to reach their full God-given potential.

The foundation cultivates a lifestyle that promotes wellness, longevity, and success.

The Wil-Power Foundation wants to have an impact in the following ways:

  • Assistance in funding and delivery of non-profit programs which educate and prepare minors for life threatening substance related issues and exposures.
  • Education of athletes and non-athletes about fitness and wellness.
  • Delivery of physical rehab and injury prevention to the communities we serve.

Our Founders

Emily Mintner, DPT, MBA, ATC, CSCS,
President & Co-Founder Wil-Power Foundation

Alissa Martin, PT, CSCS
Executive Director Wil-Power Wellness Center
Co-Founder Wil-Power Foundation


If you are in need of services, we offer a scholarship for those that qualify. See application below.

Scholarship Application